How should I prepare our Code of Conduct for the courses?


Part of training courses in the Business Integrity Library includes the review and acknowledgement of the Workplace Code of Conduct by the learner within the course. The Workplace Code of Conduct should reflect the policies and contact information for your workplace. A sample Workplace Code of Conduct can be downloaded from this article. Here are some requirements and recommendations to assist you with preparing your Workplace Policy:


  • Submit in .pdf file format
  • File limit of 5MB


  • Multilingual (if necessary in your workplace)
  • Include contact information
  • Include reporting procedures
  • Include Table of Contents with bookmarks (if the policy includes several sections or languages)

At this time, your Workplace Code of Conduct can only be uploaded by someone on the emtrain Customer Service Team. To submit your custom Workplace Code of Conduct for upload into the Preventing Harassment course, please send your Workplace Code of Conduct to

Sample Code of Conduct: