HR Sync FTP Concepts


The Emtrain Learning Management System stores, launches, and tracks a variety of training (eLearning, Workshops, Webinars, etc.) created and taken by individuals in an organization. The Emtrain HR Sync FTP provides a means of automatically syncing data contained within Emtrain with your company’s HR systems.

Connecting to the HR Sync FTP Host

The HR Sync FTP host address is:

The HR Sync FTP port is: 21

When connecting to the HR Sync FTP host use your company’s API key for the username and your company’s API secret for the password. Your company’s API Key and Secret can be obtained by signing into Emtrain as an administrator and clicking on the “Developer Integration” link under the “My Account” section on the admin dashboard menu. If this link is not available on your admin dashboard menu, please contact customer support to obtain your API key and secret.

Though the Emtrain HR Sync FTP host supports standard un-secured FTP connections, we strongly recommend connecting via FTP over explicit TLS/SSL (FTPES) to ensure your data is encrypted and secure.

Every Emtrain customer is automatically placed into a secure private directory upon connection to the HR Sync FTP host. 


Note: The FTP sync runs at 11:00 PM, 12:00 AM, 1:00 AM, 2:00 AM and 3:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. Course Tracks run at 3:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, and Automatic Email Updates are sent at 5:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, so be sure to upload your learner data by 2:00 AM Pacific Standard Time to meet the cut-off time for Course Tracks and Automatic Email Updates.