Video FAQs


Emtrain courses make use of video scenes. In order to play the videos reliably, your computer and internet connection will need to meet the basic system requirements listed in this article.

Q: The videos are choppy or stutter during playback.

A: This problem can happen if your internet connection is too slow to load the videos as they are playing. The player will play all of the video that has been loaded, then has to wait while more of the video is downloaded. To resolve this issue:

  • Pause the video, and give it a moment to load. When a significant portion of the video has loaded, you should be able to play back the entire video.
  • Internet speed can be affected by the traffic on your network. Try the course again later.
  • If you have a large number of web pages or web applications open, close them while you are taking the course.
  • If you are downloading or uploading any large files, wait until they are finished before resuming the course.


Q: I can hear the narration on text pages, but the videos do not have any sound.

A: If you are connecting to the course over a VPN or Remote Desktop system, such as Citrix, please note that these systems can interfere with the audio playback in videos. Opening the course in a web browser outside of the VPN or Remote Desktop session will resolve this issue.


Q: I am getting an "Invalid License Key" error message in the video player.

A: This error is caused by a bug in a specific version of Adobe Flash Player. It typically affects older versions of Internet Explorer Please visit and see if you have version 11.8.800.168. If you have this version installed, you will need to update it to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, which can be found here:


Q: I am having a video error in an older version of Internet Explorer (Explorer versions 8,9 or 10)

A: Sometimes video errors in Internet Explorer 8-10 can be fixed by enabling the Compatibility View feature. To enable compatibility view, look in the address bar for a small icon that looks like a torn page, as shown below.

Clicking this icon will enable Compatibility View.