Release notes: Antitrust and Competition Law


We're proud to announce a brand new course, Antitrust and Competition Law!

Starting on 2/28, the Antitrust and Competition Law course will be available for you to start using to teach your workforce how to spot and prevent potential antitrust and competition issues. This 30 minute course provides learners with an overview of U.S. antitrust law, explains common mistakes, and gives employees practical advice they can use to spot and address issues before they become problems.

Created with the input of experts Jarod Bona, antitrust attorney and founder of Bona Law PC, and Bob Connolly, former veteran prosecutor at the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice, the Antitrust and Competition Law course covers the following areas:

  • Key risk areas, including collusive agreements, distributors/resellers and dominant businesses.
  • Per se violations between competitors, including price fixing, bid rigging and market allocation agreements.
  • Practical advice on kinds of communications and behavior that invite costly and distracting investigations, even if short of a technical violation of law.
  • Consequences for violations, including the potential for costly fines, penalties and criminal prosecutions.
  • The importance of learning and understanding your policies and guidance.
  • Course and policy certification.

This course also gives learners direct, in course, Question & Answer access to course experts via the Ask an Expert feature, and displays a curated set of other learner's questions and answers.

Antitrust and Competition Law 1.1 was added to the course library on 2/28/2017. The course is assigned with Emtrain library licenses. This course does not replace a pre-existing course.

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