Performance issues due to Amazon S3 outage


At this time, the Amazon Web Service's US-EAST-1 S3 data centers are experiencing widespread outages. The following Emtrain products are impacted by this outage:

  • Learning Management System
  • Courses (Hosted and SCORM)
  • Centerstage

Videos, audio and images are unavailable at this time, and the LMS may experience long load times or be unavailable.

Amazon has identified the issue and is working toward a resolution. When the outage is resolved, Emtrain services will return to normal.

A number of websites and web services which utilize the US-EAST-1 instance are affected by this outage.

For more information on the status of this outage, please visit for the latest update. Emtrain specific and Amazon S3 updates to follow.

Update, 1:28 PM: Course and website video, audio, and images are still suffering performance impacts, but are loading now.

Update, 2:07 PM: Issues with retrieving information from US-EAST-1 have been resolved per Amazon's status page. Course video, audio, and images are restored on Emtrain hosted and SCORM courses.