Video FAQs


What do you do when the video isn't working? Below are some common video FAQs. If you don't see your question answered here, please reach out to our customer support team.


Q1: The videos "stutter" or buffer excessively while I  am taking the course. Why, and what can I do?

A: If the videos play for a moment, then pause, and then resume playing again, then your internet connection is not currently fast enough to play the videos smoothly. Reducing the video quality will help, to adjust the video quality, hover your cursor over the video player, click the HD button, and select 224p. If you continue to run into problems with the video stuttering on 224p quality, turn the Video setting in the option bar at the bottom of the course to Off to take the course in text only mode. (Note: not all courses have adjustable video quality, if you do not see a HD button in the video player, the video quality cannot be adjusted)

A: Go (or and run a speed test. A minimum of 1 Mbps is required to stream videos at 224p quality, 1.5-2 Mbps is the minimum for streaming videos at 360p or 576p quality. You can test your speed by visiting 


Q2: What should I do when I see this error message: No Playable Sources Found.


A: This error message is most often seen if you are using Internet Explorer. Common causes are:

  • Adobe Flash Player:
    • You do not have Adobe Flash Player installed. You can check by going to and clicking the "Check if Flash Player is installed on your computer" button in step 1. If you do not have flash player installed, a link to download it is a bit farther down that page.
    • You have an outdated version of Flash installed. Use the link above to check the version. If you do not have version installed, you may need to follow the installation instructions at
    • You have Flash Player installed, but it is disabled in your browser. Check #4 on this page for instructions on how to enable Flash Player in your browser:
  • A plugin or extension installed in your browser is blocking the videos or otherwise causing a conflict that is preventing the videos from playing. To check if this is the case, switch to a different browser and open the course or video there to see if the issue is specific to the browser you are using.
  • Your computer is behind a firewall or web filter that is blocking the sites the videos are hosted on, specifically If you are taking a course and the images are broken, there is no narration on pages with text, and your company logo does not load, then this is the cause of the issue. You would need to speak with your IT department and ask them to add to your allowlist.
  • You are using a "Virtual Desktop" system such as Citrix XenApp, or a "Thin Client" system. These can cause issues with video and audio playback if they are set up a certain way. Contact your IT department if you are using a Virtual Desktop or Thin Client system.


Q3: What should I do when I see this error message: Cannot load M3U8: Crossdomain access denied?

A: If you see the “Cannot load M3U8: Crossdomain access denied” error message when trying to view a video, this typically indicates that Emtrain’s Content Distribution Network ( is blocked by a firewall or web filter. If you see this error message, please contact your IT dept. Your IT department would need to add Emtrain’s web domains to your company allowlist , specifically for this issue.


Q4: How do I enable/disable Closed Captioning?

A: The easiest way to enable or disable captions, is to hover your mouse over the video, and click on the CC button and choose your preference. When you change the language preference on the bottom of the screen, and then change back to English, the captions may still remain in that alternate language. Simply turn them off, if unwanted, by hovering over the video as previously mentioned.



Q5: I see a “Page cannot be displayed”, Google Chrome “sad page” error or other browser error on certain pages throughout the course, what causes this and how can I fix it?

A: If you are seeing a “Page cannot be displayed” or similar error throughout the course on certain pages, this is because a firewall or web filter is blocking Videos cannot load if is blocked. Please contact your IT department and request that they add to your allowlist. Information for your IT department on allowlisting Emtrain’s domains can be found here

Q6: I cannot hear narration and the videos do not automatically start playing on my Mac when I am taking the course using Safari. How do I allow the narration and videos to play automatically?

A: Starting in Safari 11, any audio or video with sound that plays automatically when you load a website is paused automatically unless you add the specific website to Safari's autoplay list. To resolve this issue:

  • Launch the course in Safari. With the course open, click the Preferences menu.
  • Select the Website tab
  • Click the Auto-Play option on the left sidebar. In the Allow websites below to automatically play media section, locate and select Allow All Auto-Play.
  • Once you set Allow All Auto-Play on, the narration will play if it is turned on, and videos will start playing when you land on a video page.

Q7: I can hear the narrator, but the videos don't have any sound. What can I do?

A: This issue is most often experienced when you are taking the course on a Citrix XenApp virtual desktop, or other similar virtual desktop systems. If possible, take the course on your local computer desktop rather than the virtual desktop. If that is not possible, you may either enable Closed Captions in the video player by clicking the CC button and selecting a language, or turn the Video setting in the bottom left to Off to replace the videos with text.