Release notes: HIPAA


Emtrain is excited to announce our new Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) course. Available starting 8/16/2017, this 60 minute HIPAA training course will help your employees understand HIPAA's complex requirements, how HIPAA can impact your organization and clients, and show them simple steps and concepts that they can use to safeguard HIPAA-protected information.

Designed in conjunction with HIPAA expert Marcia Augsburger to meet HIPAA training requirements, HIPAA covers:

  • What HIPAA is and what it attempts to do
  • Covered Entities, Business Associates, and Sub-Business Associates
  • PHI and ePHI
  • Patient access to health records
  • Privacy Rule and related reqirements
  • Security Rule and related requirements
  • Security incidents and HIPAA violations
  • Reporting requirements
  • Role of State laws
  • Common violations and precautions
  • Penalties

HIPAA includes the following features:

  • Realistic workplace video scenes and engaging animations
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Ask an Expert feature allows learners to ask subject matter experts questions about the materials covered and view other learner's questions on the same topic. 
  • Your HIPAA policy is included for learners to review and acknowledge
  • Branded with your organization's logo

HIPAA is available on Emtrain's Learning Management System, and as SCORM content if you are using a third-party LMS.