Conflicts of Interest Release Notes


Emtrain is excited to announce our brand new Conflicts of Interest course. Available starting 9/13/2017, this 25 minute training course introduces learners to the concepts of conflicts of interest in the workplace, how conflicts of interest can influence decision making, and how even the appearance of conflicts of interest can impact the trust and reputation of everyone involved.

Conflicts of Interest was created with input from workplace ethics experts Chris MacDonald and Sally March.

Course Concepts:

  • What are conflicts of interest
  • The appearance of conflicts of interest
  • The problem of conflicts of interest
  • How to handle conflicts of interst


  • Learners can pose questions to course experts via the Ask an Expert feature
  • New high quality video scenes
  • Interactive exercises ask learners to apply learning and underscore key learning points
  • Available on Emtrain's Learning Management System, or in SCORM 1.2, 2004 3rd edition, or 2004 4th edition