Implementation Guide - Whole Culture plan


Setting up your Emtrain Learning Management System (LMS) is a simple process! Follow the steps below to get started:


Step 1: BRANDING AND CONFIGURATION: Brand your LMS and Learner portal by adding your company logo, color scheme and employment policies.


Step 2: EMAIL: Set-up the email notification system so that you can communicate with your learners.

  • Add Emtrain IP addresses to your Allowlist ensure that email and training content do not get blocked by your email server.
  • Email "From Preferences" are used by the Schedule Reminder Emails tool.
  • Set up the templates in Automatic Email Updates for notifications, completions, reminders


Step 3. LEARNER DATA: Add custom data fields to allow you to sort and track relevant information such as hire dates, job titles, regions or departments.


Step 4. UPLOAD/EDIT LEARNERS: Upload your learner data into the LMS.

  • Upload/Edit learner data to your LMS. To add more custom columns, go back to step #3
  • Don’t worry! This will not automatically assign training or send emails. This is simply to add Users into your database so that later on you can assign learning or send emails to them when you want to.


Step 5. ASSIGN LEARNING: Assign eLearning courses, workshops, webinars or files to your learners.

  • Manually: Use the Assign Courses tool to assign courses to one or many learners at one time. Use the Assign Policies tool to assign policy review courses to one or many learners at one time.
  • Automatically: Create one Learner Group for each Course Track (curriculum) you build. Emtrain LMS will automatically assign the Course Track to the Learner Group that you specify.


Step 6. NOTIFY: Send email notifications to the learners with newly assigned courses.


Step 7. REMIND: You can send reminders to learners who have not completed their courses.


Step 8: ADMINISTRATIVE ACCESS: If you wish, you can set up additional users with either unrestricted or partial access to the LMS dashboard.

  • You can grant Administrative Access to other users.
    • Default Role: Unrestricted Administrative Access
    • Custom Roles: Configure the Roles & Permissions your LMS has to give different supervisors or administrators different levels of access.
  • Note: As per Emtrain Support Policy, your Primary Administrator should be the point person for communication with Emtrain Support &/or Customer Service.