How do I mass archive course assignments?


Over time, you may find yourself needing to archive training assignments as part of your training program, to re-assign training, or just to clean house. You can easily archive courses from the Reports by Course tool.

Mass archiving course assignments

  1. Open the Reports by Course tool in the Reports section. Select the courses you wish to archive, and click the Apply Filters button.archive9.png

  2. Along the top of your report, click on the Visible Columns menu and select the Set Class Status option. You can also add other columns to the report to drill down and further refine your report.

  3. In the Set Class Status column which has been added to your report, check the boxes for any assignments you wish to archive, or check All to select all assignments in your current view. Change the Results Per Page if you wish to archive more courses at once. archive2.png

  4. Click the Go button in the dialog box at the top of the column. If you wish to edit your selection, click Cancel.

  5. Click Continue and confirm that you wish to archive or unarchive your selection of courses. If you wish to edit your selection, click Cancel

Archived courses will not appear in the Current section of the Learner Portal, but the course will appear in the History section of the learner portal if it was completed prior to archiving it.


Unarchiving courses:

You can unarchive courses using the same method shown above, but you must first set the course filters to include archived courses. Simply change the Include Current filter to Include Current and Archived/Past or Archived/Past as shown below, then generate your report by clicking the Apply Filters button, and then proceed with archiving the courses as shown in this article.