Admin Roles & Permissions


A Roles & Permissions Group is a group of LMS administrators, with limited access to learner groups and LMS tools. Ideally, you should create a Roles & Permissions Group whenever you need to limit which learners administrators have access to or which LMS tools administrators can use. For example, a group can be created to limit the administrator view to learners within a specified state with limited access to certain LMS functions.

To set up a Roles & Permissions Group:

  • Click on the Admin Roles & Permissions link under the Professional Tools column in the LMS Dashboard Homepage.


  • The Administrator [Unrestricted Access] role will populate as the default.


  • To add an Administrator Role, click the grey Add Admin Role button. 
  • Assign the Admin Role a Name and click the grey Save Name button.


  • Select the Admins who will be assigned this role. Click the grey Add Admins button to access the Select Admins tool. Here, you can filter using Dynamic Selection using filters or assign this admin role to individuals, one by one.
  • To make Dynamic Selections, click the blue Select button under that section. To add new learners, click the grey "Add Rule" button on the top. Follow the 3 steps to select Learner Field, Operand and Value(s). Click the grey Save Rule button to confirm the dynamic filtering. View or edit the list of Admins selected with this rule by clicking the View/Edit Admins button.


  • To make Individual Selections, click the blue Select button under that section. This will bring up a list of learners with their current role (if they have one). To add a learner to this Admin Role, click the blue {Select Role} button to the right of their name. This will remove them from the available list on the bottom and move the selected learner to the top section, "Sample Admin Role" Administrators. Click the blue Done button once you have individually selected the learners chosen to have this role.


  • Select the Permissions of the various tools in the LMS. By placing a checkmark in the box next to the name of an item, you are giving permission to those with this Admin Role to perform this checked function. Allow those with this Admin Role to perform all functions in a group by checking the box next to the title of the group.


  • Click the blue Done button at the top once all Admin Roles are defined and Permissions are given.
  • The new Role will be added to the list of Admin Roles along with the Administrators with this role, the status, as well as the ability to view, edit or delete the new Role. You must choose to activate the Role by pressing the blue Make Active button to the right of the Role.