Can I add a date field to a learner profile?


The Custom Learner Data fields were designed to assist Training Administrators in organizing learner data. Administrators should consider how training will be launched, tracked, and reported on. The Custom Date Fields can track information such as hiring date, last trained date, promotion date or even birthday!

To Add Learner Date Fields:

  • Click on the {Custom Learner Data} link under the Professional Tools column in the LMS Dashboard Homepage.
  • Choose the "Learner Date Fields" tab.


  • Select the Date Format Preference from the drop down box. 


  • Add the desired field name in a blank "Learner Date Field Names" and click the grey "Add Field" button to the right.


  • Click the orange {Save} button at the bottom. This will add it to the list of current Date Field Names and make the field available on learner profiles.
To Edit Learner Date Fields:
  • Edit the name of the Learner Date field and click the grey "Save Field Name" to save the edits.
To Deactivate Learner Date Fields:
  • Click the grey "Deactivate Field" button to the right of the field you wish to deactivate.


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    Tracey Savorn

    What are the details on how the dynamic date field can be used to link with course tracks & Training Cycle Management?

    Can I used the date field to auto-assign training based on a certain number of days from custom date field values?

    Say, auto-assign courses {titles x,y,x}  {x number} {days/weeks/months}  {before/after/on} the {Custom Date Field name} value.

    Or is there no connection yet?

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    At this time, there is no functionality to auto-assign training based on a certain number of days from custom date field values. If you would like to have the idea considered, please add it as an LMS feature suggestion.