Learner Groups tool


The Learner Groups tool allows you to create dynamic groups of learners based on the values in their learner profile data. Learner Groups are based on queries that select specific values in your learner data fields that you define. Learners who are selected by the queries are added to the Learner Group. You can create a Learner Group based on supervisor status, location, and any custom learner data field you add to your account.

You can base learner groups on the default fields that come standard on the dashboard, but they will be much more useful if you create Custom Learner Data fields to include data that is relevant to your organization, such as Department, Job Title, Hire Date, and so on.

Once you have set them up, you can use Learner Groups to simplify assigning, reporting, and email tasks in the LMS.

Creating a Learner Group:

For the purposes of this article, we will be creating a Learner Group that contains all supervisors who are located in California.

  • Click the Learner Groups link in the Professional Tools section of your dashboard


  • Click the Create New Learner Group button


  • Enter a name for the Learner Group in the Name field and click the Save Name button


  • Underneath the Name section, click the Add Queries button


  • You will now create the queries that will select your learners. To get started, click the Add Subquery button. The Learner Group will start by selecting all active learners on the account, and as you start creating queries, learners who do not meet the values you select will be excluded from the Learner Group. 


  • In the query editor, first select a field, then select an operand (IS, IS NOT, CONTAINS, DOES NOT CONTAIN, etc) and then a value. Here we are selecting all learners where the Location IS California, which will select the 16 learners who are have a Location of California out of of the 28 learners on this account. To save the query, click the Done button in the upper right.


  • You can make multiple subqueries to make more complex selections. In the screenshot below we have added another subquery to select the 11 learners whose Supervisor Status IS Supervisor on the account.

    Because the two subqueries are joined with AND, it will select the learners who are both located in California and have a Supervisor Status of Supervisor, giving us the 8 learners on the account who meet both criteria.


  • The selected learners are listed underneath the queries so you can preview the selection of learners in your Learner Group. 
  • Click the Done button to save your queries, then click the Done button on the main Learner Group page.


Viewing, Editing or Deleting a Learner Group:

Viewing a report of the learners in a Learner Group:

To view a report of the learners contained in a particular Learner Group, click the View Learners button. If the Learner group has been used as the basis of a Course Track, it will be listed in the Associated Training Objects column. 

On the report page, You can view all the the learners, search for a particular learner using the Find bar, and download the report to a spreadsheet by clicking the Download button

Editing a Learner Group:

You can edit the name or queries for a particular Learner Group by clicking the Edit button.

Deleting a Learner Group:

To delete a Learner Group, click the Delete button. NOTE: Deleting a Learner Group CANNOT be undone! Think carefully before deleting a Learner Group. Learner Groups that are currently used by a Course Track cannot be deleted until they are removed from the Course Track.