Course Tracks tool



Course Tracks are automated routines that allow you to select a list of courses and a learner group to assign those courses to. Once you create and activate a Course Track, it will check the training of any learner that meets the criteria of the learner group you have set up, assign them any applicable training, and notify them of the assignment.

In the example below, we will make a Course Track that assigns harassment training to a learner group containing all supervisors in California. For more information on creating Learner Groups, click Here.

Note: Course tracks make assignments between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM Pacific Standard Time. Any associated Automatic Email Updates run at 5:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.

Guide Contents: 


Creating a New Course Track

1. Create a new Course track and save the Name and Description

  • Click the Course Track link in the Professional Tools column
  • On the main page of the Course Tracks tool, click the Create New Course Track button.
  • On the Create New Course Track page, enter the Name of the Course Track, the email recipients of the daily status emails for the Course Track, a Description of the Course Track (This will be visible to the learner in their learner portal), and a Code for internal use if necessary. When you have entered all the information, click the Save Info button.


2. Select the training for the Course Track:

  • After saving the Course Track Info, you will add training to the Course Track. Click the Select Training button.
  • On the Select Training page, use the list of courses to choose the training you want to assign with the Course Track. Click on each course you wish to assign, and when you are satisfied with your selection, click the Add Selected button. If you are making a Course Track of entirely optional courses, you can check the "Make Selected Training Objects Optional" checkbox before selecting the training.
  • After adding the selected courses, your selections will be listed beneath the course selector. You can make individual courses optional or remove them using the check boxes to the right of the course titles.
  • When you are finished, click the Done button to return to the main Course Track page and select the learner group the Course Track will assign the training to.


3. Select the Learner Group you are assigning the Course Track to:

  • On the main Course Track page, scroll down to the Learner Group section. The default selection is to assign to all active learners on your account. You can select any learner group you have created. Only one learner group can be selected for a Course Track.
  • On the Learner Group selection page, click the Select button for the learner group you want to assign the Course Track to.
    Once you've selected a Learner Group, the learner group will be listed at the top. You can remove the learner group by clicking the red Remove button.


4. Check if you have sufficient licenses available to assign everyone in the Course Track:

  • To check if there are enough available licenses, click the Seats Availability button. If you have sufficient licenses, you will see the message below:
    If you do not have enough licenses to assign every learner included in the Course Track, you will see a message similar to the one below:
  • Finish setting up your Course Track by clicking the Done button at the top of the main Course Track page.


Activate Course Track

Once you've set up your Course Track, you will need to activate the track in order for it to run and make the assignments. To get your Course Track up and running, follow the steps below:

  • The first time after you've created a Course Track, the track will show in the list of Course Tracks in blue. If you see your Course Track listed, just click the Activate button. (If you don't see your Course Track listed here, uncheck the Active Course Tracks option to see previously created inactive Course Track)

Once you've activated the Course Track, it will run every morning at 3:00 AM Pacific Standard Time as long as the Course track is active.


Editing, Deactivating and Deleting Course Tracks

You can edit, delete or deactivate Course Tracks from the main page of the Course Track tool.

Editing a Course Track:

To edit a Course Track, click the Edit button, you can change the Name, Description and daily status email recipients. You can also add or remove courses, or change the Learner Group.

NOTE: If you add a new mandatory or optional course, any learners who have already completed the Course Track will have their Course Track completion status reset! Think carefully about the repercussions of this before changing the selected courses in a pre-existing Course Track. Editing the selected courses in a Course Track will not un-assign or archive courses that have been assigned by the Course Track. 

Deactivating and Reactivating a Course Track:

To temporarily deactivate an active Course Track, click the Deactivate button. The Course Track will not make any assignments or notify learners while it is deactivated. You can reactivate the Course Track at any time by unchecking the Active Course Tracks option to view inactive Course Tracks and clicking the Activate button.

Deactivating a Course Track will not un-assign or archive courses that have been assigned by the Course Track. 

Deleting a Course Track:

To delete a Course Track, click the Delete button. Deleting a Course Track CANNOT be undone, so exercise caution when deleting a Course Track. Deleting a Course Track will not un-assign or archive courses that have been assigned by the Course Track. 


Daily Assignment Routine Email Preferences

Each day that the Course Track runs, it will send a selected group of recipients an email informing you how many new learners were added to a Course Track, how many assignments were made if any, and how many licenses are needed if any. You can set the recipients for these status emails for all Course Tracks, and for individual Course Tracks.

For all Course Tracks, the recipients are set in the Preferences link at the top of the main Course Tracks page.

You can enter one, or many email addresses in the Preferences section. If you are entering more than one email address, separate the email addresses with a comma. When you are done updating the recipient list, click the Save button, then the Done button.

You can also set a list of recipients for a specific Course Track in the Course Track Info section of the Course Track. To edit the list of recipients for a specific Course Track:

  • Click the Details/Edit button for the Course Track
  • In the Course Track Info section, add the email addresses to the Daily Assignment Routine Email Recipients list (separate addresses with commas if you are adding multiple addresses) and click the
    Save Info button.