How do I assign courses using Course Tracks?


Once a Course Track has been created and  activated, a nightly assignment routine will run to assign the Course Track training and maintain course assignments. Learners in the group will receive Automatic Email Updates as the training is assigned. Learners will find the assigned training in their Learner Portal after the nightly routine.

How will I know that the courses have been assigned via course tracks?

The Training Administrators will receive an email from "Course Track Daily Automatic Assignment Results" ( which will confirm the automatic assignments as well as details any errors the assignment routine encountered.


What happens if I don't have any seats licenses to cover the course assignments?

The Training Administrators will receive an email from "Course Track Daily Automatic Assignment Results" ( which details an error message for the courses that were not assigned due to lack of course seats.


What happens if a learner is removed from the learner group? Are their courses automatically removed?

Because Learner Groups are created by filtering custom data fields and custom data fields, when the characteristics of the learner profile change, their inclusion in the Learner Group will change. At that time, they will be removed from the Course Track Report but the courses assigned via Course Tracks will NOT automatically be removed.