How do I un-assign a course from a learner?


If a learner has not started a course, you can remove it from their list of assignments. As long as the seat used to assign the course has not expired while it was assigned, it will be returned to your pool of licenses and can be reused. To un-assign a course:

  • Click on the By Learner link in the Reports section of the dashboard. Locate the learner and click on their last name. Select the type of assignment you wish to un-assign from the pop-up menu.


  • The learner's courses will be shown on the eLearning page, with options to remove or archive individual courses. Courses that have been started can only be archived.


  • For the course you wish to archive, click on Remove under the Action heading


  • The Remove option will be replaced with a checkmark and the course will be removed from the learner's assigned courses. If the seat has not expired while the course was assigned, you can re-use it.