Assign Training tool


The Assign Training tool makes it simple to assign training to your learners, and to re-assign training to learners who are due to retake training. To get started using the Assign Training tool, click on the Assign Training link in the Register and Assign section of your dashboard.

 There are 3 steps to using the assign training tool:

  1. Select the training objects to assign
  2. Filter the Assignment Preview to make sure the correct learners are getting assigned
  3. Assign and notify your learners.


Select Training Objects

  • Select the Assignment Type. Assign makes mandatory assignments that are included in any reminder emails and appear in the course reports. Make Available makes optional assignments that learners can choose to enroll in.
  • Find and Select Training Objects. Select any courses you wish to assign in the course list by clicking on the course title. You may select multiple courses.
  • Once your courses are selected, click the blue Load Assignment Preview button to generate the assignment list.

Assignment Preview

Once you've selected the training you are going to assign, you need to select the learners the course is to be assigned to. You can refine the list of learners using the Optional Learner Group and Optional Previous Assignment Filters, and the filters along the top of the Assignment Preview. Select or remove individual learners by checking or unchecking the box next to their name.

  • Once you are satisfied with your assignment list, you are ready to assign the courses and their associated licenses if necessary. Licenses are added automatically when you make the assignment. If a learner already has the applicable Library license assigned to them, that license will be used to make the assignment. If you have insufficient licenses to make your assignment the Assign Training tool will automatically select as many learners as you have licenses available for, starting at the top of your list.


  • A Note on previously assigned courses: Some of your learners may have already been assigned the course or taken a course equivalent to the course you are assigning in the past. If a learner has a current assignment of the exact course you are assigning, the assignment will be greyed out and un-selectable until you archive the previous assignment.
    If a learner has an equivalent course assigned, an “Equivalent Course is Assigned” message will be displayed showing the title, assignment date and status of the equivalent course, and the new assignment will be unchecked by default, to re-assign the new version of the course, check the box for that assignment. Their old equivalent course will be archived and the new course assigned when the assignment is made.  

Assign Courses and Notify Learners

Once you are satisfied with your course selections and have the correct learners selected in the Assignment Preview, you are ready to assign the courses.

  • Click the green Assign X Training Objects button at the top of the Assignment Preview section.
  • Confirm the assignment by clicking the Assign X Training Objects button. If you wish to go back to the Assignment Preview section to change your selection, click the Cancel button.
  • You will see a Success message informing you how many courses were assigned.
  • On the success page, click the Send Emails button to send the Assigned email template in the Automatic Email Updates template. You can click the "View/edit your automatic emails" link to edit the email template, or add an additional message to the existing email template. You can send yourself a preview email by entering your email address and clicking the Email Previews To button.
  • Once you've sent the announcement emails and see the Emails Sent! message, click the Exit button to return to your dashboard.


Filtering your assignment list

In addition to the Optional Learner Group and Optional Previous Assignment Filters, you can filter by First Name/Last Name, Email Address, Supervisor status, Location, Date Learner Added, and any Custom Data Fields you have added to your account. To select which columns you want to include in the Assignment Preview, click on the Visible Columns filter and check the boxes for any column you want to include on the preview.

Optional Learner Group Filter

If you have created any Learner Groups, click the Optional Learner Group Filter to select a Learner Group. Click on a Learner Group to limit the Assignment Preview to only learners contained in the Learner Group. You may only select one Learner Group at a time.

Optional Previous Assignments Filter

If you need to reassign learners who have a previous assignment of a course, or have an equivalent course, you can use the Previous Assignments Filter to limit your assignment preview to only learners who have a previous assignment or equivalent assignment to the course you are currently assigning. You can select Previous Assignment and Completion dates and date ranges, Previous Assignment Status and Current/Archived status

  • Click the Optional Previous Assignments Filter tab, and check the "Only assign to learners where the selected training objects were previously assigned" box
  • Configure the filters as needed
  • Click the blue Apply Filters button to refine your Assignment review
  • When the Previous Assignment Filters are applied, only learners with previous assignments are shown on the list.


  • Avatar
    Pam Bartels (Boise Cascade 2075)

    This tip is helpful.  I think the click the do not assign button should be bold though.  ; )

  • Avatar
    Carrie Zhao (Toshiba)

    What is the difference between “Enroll Now” and “Make Available for Self-Enrollment"?


    (Also, the video link does not work.)

  • Avatar
    Thomas Pavia

    Hello Carrie,

    Thank you for bringing the broken link to our attention, it should now direct you to the video tutorial.

    The Enroll Now option makes the course immediately available to the learner. In addition, the administrator can check the progress of learners assigned with the Enroll Now option in the Reports- By Course section of the Dashboard.

    The "Make Available for Self-Enrollment" makes the course optional for a user to take. The course will be available in their portal, but will not show up in any reports until the learner has started to take the course.

  • Avatar
    Carrie Zhao (Toshiba)


    I just assigned a course to a learner using "Make Available for Self-Enrollment" but did not see it in the user's portal. Where specifically should the course show up in the Learner's Portal?


  • Avatar
    Thomas Pavia

    Hi Carrie,

    The training will show up in the Find Training tab, with the status of "Available". The reason you are not able to find the course in your Learner Portal is because when the Toshiba University Learner Portal was customized, the Find Training tab was set to "do not show". If you would like to make courses available for self enrollment, the Find Training tab should be enabled.