Add New Learner tool


NOTE: If your account was created after 11/17/2015, your learners will set their own passwords upon first logging into their Learner Portal. As such, there is no password field if your account was created after 11/17/2015.

Adding a new learner is easy with the Add New Learner tool. Simply click the Add New Learner button in the Register and Assign section of the dashboard, enter the learner's information, and click the Save button. The learner will then be added to your database.


Entering the Learner's Data

  • Enter the 3 required fields (Last Name, First Name, Location) as well as any other information you wish to include.
    Note: The fields on your Add New Learner page will be different than shown below, as custom data fields have been added to this example.
  • If you create a Username, it must be unique and at least 4 characters long. If you leave the Username field blank it will generate randomized username.
  • If you create a Password, you may use the following characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9, and - _ & . @ '. If you leave the Password field blank it will generate a 8 character random alphanumeric password.
  • Choose if the learner is to be registered as a supervisor or a non-supervisor. The default is non-supervisor.
  • Choose if you wish the learner to be added as an active or inactive learner. The default is active.
  • Choose the level of access the new learner should have in the Role menu, if needed. The default is learner.
    -Learner grants access to the learner portal and courses only.
    -Administrator grants access to the entire LMS dashboard, and should only be used if you are adding a new administrator to your account.
  • When you are done, click the Save button to add the learner.


Once you click the Save button, the learner will be added to your database, and you will be redirected to your newly created learner's profile page. From here you can easily assign training by clicking on the Assign Training button at the top of that page.


Avoiding Duplicate Learners

Creating a new profile for a learner who is already registered can cause confusion. The tool will warn you if the user you are creating is already registered in your system.As you enter the First and Last names, the system will notify you of learners with similar names. Click on View Profile to look at that learner's profile page, or View All to see a report of all the learners who have a similar name.


If the name you are entering is an exact match, the tool will warn you, as shown below.


Unique Key Field

If you have created a Custom Learner Data field and designated it a Unique Key field for use with the HRIS sync or FTP sync features, that field will be required. Since it is used to identify users it must be unique. In the example below, a custom employee ID number field has been created and selected as the unique key.