The login for a learner is incorrect, how do I update it?


As an administrator, it is sometimes necessary to update a learner's information, including their Login Name. You may update Login Names in one of two ways.

  • While Administrators are not able to edit the Login Name field in a learner's profile, Emtrain Customer Service representatives can update them for you. Simply send the learner's name, old Login Name and new Login Name to Administrators can edit all other fields in a learners profile.
  • You may edit a learner's login name by using the Upload/Edit Learners tool in the Register & Assign section of the dashboard. First, you will download a spreadsheet of your learners using the Download and Sync Spreadsheet method. In Excel, find the learner(s) you want to edit and change their Login Name in the "Login Name" column. When you have edited and checked all of the Login Names that you wish to update, save the spreadsheet and complete the rest of the upload steps shown in the Download and Sync Spreadsheet article.


Last updated 3/21/2014


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    Tracey Savorn

    The Login Name can be changed by using the Upload/Edit Spreadsheet tool.