How to change a Learner's status to Inactive or Active.


Making a Learner Inactive:

Sometimes learners leave the organization, or are no longer required to take training due to changes in their job responsibilities. You can make these learners inactive so that they do not show up on reports or assignments, and cannot log in.


  • Locate the learner to change and check the (Make Inactive) box in the Active column.

  • Click the Go button in the Deactivate Learners interface

  • Click Continue to deactivate the learner

  • NOTE: The option to delete is available ONLY for those who have not started any courses.


Reactivating an Inactive Learner:

There are times when learners who had previously been made inactive are once again active in your company. Instead of creating a new profile for them, you can simply reactivate their existing profile.


  • Locate the Active filter and change the drop down selection to Inactive Learners Only
  • Check the boxes for the learners you wish to reactivate. When all learners are selected, click the Go button in the Activate Learners interface.

  • Click Continue to activate the learner