How do I add a new LMS administrator?


If you need to add a new administrator to the LMS, you can update their learner profile if they are already in the system, or create a new administrator profile using the Add New Learner tool if they are not already registered as a learner.

Updating an Existing Learner to an Administrator

If the learner has already been registered, all you need to do is open their learner profile and update them to an administrator. The next time they log in to their account, they will have access to the Dashboard.

  1. Type the learner's name in the Find Learner tool and click Go. Click on their last name and select Profile from pop-up menu.
  2. On the new admin's profile page, open the Role menu and change it to Administrator (Unlimited LMS Access)

Adding a new administrator profile

If the new administrator is not already registered, you will need to create a new profile for them

  1. Click on the Add New Learner button in the Register and Assign section of the dashboard
  2. Fill in the new administrator's information. just like you would for a new Learner
  3. In the Role dropdown, select Administrator (Unlimited LMS access)
  4. Click the Save button to add the administrator to your dashboard


How to Notify New Admin of Access

Once you've established their role in the LMS, you can notify them in one of 2 ways:

  1. Send Password Reset Email - by using the button on their profile page: 
  2. Email the individual by clicking the Email [First Name] button in the top right. You can compose this email as you'd like: 

NOTE: By default, the only two options here are "Learner" and "Administrator." Set up additional Roles & Permissions to have more Role options populate here.