What is the difference between the Download & Sync versus Sync LMS to HRIS?


Before you can upload your learner data with the Upload/Edit Learners tool, you must choose the method which you will sync your data. This is primarily based on which Learner Sync Key you will use to match old learner data with new learner data.


Download and Sync Spreadsheet

  • When using this option, the LMS assigns a unique key to each learner. Where the unique key appears, it is used to match existing learners. Learners with no unique key will be registered as New Learners. Choose this option if you do not have another unique identifier that is used as the unique key, such as employee ID#, SSN, or others. 
  • You will download a spreadsheet, which includes this unique key. You can edit learner data on the spreadsheet and add new learners as well. The unique key should never be altered as it is used to match data.

Sync LMS Dashboard to HRIS Spreadsheet

  • When using this option, the LMS allows you to select which data field to use as the unique key or identifier for matching data. On the initial learner upload, you can add a Custom Data Field with the unique identifier information used by your HRIS, such as employee ID# or SSN. You will not download a spreadsheet for editing, you will only be given the option to select the unique key, followed by prompts to upload your system report. 
  • It is highly recommended that if you plan to use this method, you do so at the time of your initial upload.