What do I do after I purchase Library Licenses?


With the different ways you can choose to purchase training access for your learners comes different processes to register and assign. If you have purchased a Library License, this should give you an overview of what you must do to assign courses to a learner using the Library License.

  1. CONFIRM: Should you need to confirm the number or validity of Library Licenses, you can access the information from your LMS Dashboard Homepage
  2. ASSIGN: You must assign the Library License to the desired learner.
  3. LAUNCH: Once the Library License has been assigned, the learner to whom it was assigned can be registered for any of the courses within the Library without using course seats. You can assign in a similar manner: to a single learner or a group of learners. The Library License will be considered before using a course seat for anyone who has a license assigned.
  4. NOTIFY: Send email notifications to the learners with new assignments (if they are not automatic).
  5. REMIND: Set up email reminders to be sent automatically to learners with incomplete courses.