Upload/Edit Learners tool

The Upload/Edit Learners feature is a powerful tool which allows you to quickly and easily add new learners to your dashboard or edit existing learner data by uploading spreadsheets populated with learner data. If you use an HRIS system capable of exporting spreadsheets, you can create custom reports when new employees are added or existing employees information changes and upload them to Emtrain's LMS, ensuring that your learner data is up to date.

To get started, click on the Upload/Edit Learners link in the Register and assign section of the dashboard.

Next, select the method that you want the LMS to use when you upload your spreadsheet, Download and Sync, or Sync LMS Dashboard to HRIS Spreadsheet. This is primarily based on which Learner Sync Key you will use to match old learner data with new learner data. You may view more detailed information about the differences between the two here.


Depending on which method you choose, select one of the articles below for further instructions

  • Download and Sync Spreadsheet You will download a spreadsheet, which includes a unique key assigned to the learner by the LMS. You can edit learner data on the spreadsheet and add new learners as well. The unique key should never be altered as it is used to match data.
  • Sync LMS Dashboard to HRIS Spreadsheet You will not download a spreadsheet for editing, you will only be given the option to select which data field to use as the unique key or identifier for matching data, followed by prompts to upload your system report. 


Some considerations when editing your spreadsheet:

  • Login Name and Password- You must indicate the log-in name for learners in the spreadsheet for upload. This is typically set to be a learners email address. However, you can choose to create a unique login should you choose to do so. For example, lastname+employeeID or employeeID+department. You can choose to enter the password, or leave the field blank and the system will automatically assign a password. 
  • Active vs. Inactive- The "Active" column is used to indicate if a learner is to be considered Active or Inactive in your dashboard. Use "Yes" to indicate a learner is active and "No" to indicate they are inactive.
  • Unique Key- For the download and sync method, the LMS will automatically assign a unique key. This will be visible on the spreadsheet for any learners who were previously registered in the dashboard. Do not edit or alter this unique key in any way. For any new learners that you add to the spreadsheet for upload, this field will be left blank. This is what indicates it is a new learner and the system will assign a unique key that will be visible upon the next download. 
  • Custom Data Fields- If you have added Custom Data Fields, be sure to add the appropriate values to your spreadsheet.


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    Carrie Zhao (Toshiba)

    To confirm, if we wanted to edit a group of learners, we would 1) populate the DOWNLOAD AND SYNC SPREADSHEET, 2) edit the information we would like to correct, and 3) keep the KEY column with the same values generated by the system? Thanks!