How do I update learner data using the Sync LMS Dashboard to HRIS Spreadsheet method?


The Upload/Edit Learners tool is an easy and automated tool for keeping your LMS Dashboard data current and up-to-date. The tool enables you to update existing learners or add new ones manually, through a spreadsheet template.

To Set-Up the HRIS Data Sync:

  • Create the Custom Data Fields
  • Download the "Download & Sync" Spreadsheet, in order to have a template with the columns in the correct order. 
  • Create a custom HRIS report in the software or database program that houses your employee data. The HRIS report columns must match the columns in the "Download & Sync" Spreadsheet.
  • The LMS will only accept letters, numbers and the following characters: % @ ~ * () {} + - _ ; : ' . , . Any other characters are not supported.
  • Save the report as a Microsoft Excel (.xls) file. 


To Sync LMS Dashboard to HRIS Spreadsheet:
  • Click on the Upload/Edit Learners link in the Register & Assign column in the LMS Dashboard Homepage.


  • Decide what the HR Sync Tool should do with blank cells, either ignore and leave existing data or overwrite existing data & make cell blank.
  • Choose “Sync LMS Dashboard to HRIS Spreadsheet” from the drop down box.


  • Select the Learner Sync Key from the drop down box. Click the orange Test button. NOTE: The Learner Sync Key field must have a unique value for each learner, and cannot be blank.

  • If the selected Learner Sync Key is available as a key, a “Success!” confirmation will appear. Click the orange Next button at the top to proceed. 


  • If the selected Learner Sync Key is not available as a key, a message will appear to explain why. If you see a message, either update the learner data to fix the issue, or select a different field to use as the Learner Sync Key.


  • Upload your prepared HRIS Spreadsheet by clicking the grey Browse button to locate the saved file from the computer. The order of the columns must match what is shown on your screen when you are completing this step. NOTE: The screenshot below is just an example of how the screen will appear if you have not set up any Custom Data Fields.  If you have set up Custom Data Fields, the order will be different than shown below.


  • Click the orange Next button. The Key Validation Screen will appear for you to confirm the number of New versus Edited Learners. If the number appears incorrect, click the orange Back button to start over after you adjust your spreadsheet. If the number appears correct, click the orange Next Button to upload the spreadsheet.


  • If you are simply adding or editing learners, and do not want to deactivate any learners, click the orange Next button. If you wish to deactivate learners who are not on your spreadsheet, click the orange Deactivate (X) Learners button. This is useful if you need to deactivate a large number of learners at one time.


  • The Upload/Edit Learners Preview screen will show you the list of learners, both new and updated. If you are satisfied with the list, click the orange Submit button to upload the information. If any information appears incorrect, you can click the Back button and correct your spreadsheet.


  • Upon completion, you will see the Upload/Edit Learners Results showing you the number of learners added and learners updated. You also have the option to Assign Courses through the Assign Courses Tool if you wish to do so.