Automatic Email Updates tool


Various types of customizable emails can be sent from the LMS Dashboard Homepage. You can configure email templates for eLearning, Workshops, Webinars and Files. Within each training category, there are email templates to notify learners of assigned courses, available courses (sent to learners when they are set to 'available for self-enrollment' for any eLearning training) and completed courses. 

Setting up the system-wide automatic email notifications:

  • Click the Automatic Email Updates link under the Notify column.

  • At the top, click the language box and select the language you wish to use to draft your email communications.
  • Click on the training delivery type (eLearning, Workshops, Webinars or Files), and then click on the training status (Assigned, Available or Completed). 


  • Change the “from email” to be the email address you want the email to appear like it’s coming from.
  • Fill out the “from name” with the name of the department or sender, this is the name that will show in the learner’s email inbox.
  • Copy or blind copy the appropriate staff.
  • Configure the subject line as you like it, but ensure you include the data field for the course {TRAINING NAME}.  By including that data field, the system will automatically populate the message with the correct name of the training assignment.
  • Configure the message as you like it, but again, ensure you include the {LEARNER_FIRST_NAME}, {LEARNER_LAST_NAME}, {TRAINING_NAME} and {LEARNER_LOGIN_LINK} placeholders in the message body at the minimum.  All of that information will be dynamically populated by the system.
  • Note: if you are copying and pasting a hyperlink into the  body of the email, make sure to copy and paste it as plain text, rather than copying the link location and pasting it. Pasting the link as a hyperlink can insert extra forward slash characters into the link.

Note: The changes listed above need to be completed for all of the email templates that you wish to use, otherwise the default email template will be used.

Screen Shot 2012-03-29 at 11.18.58 AM.png

  • At the bottom, you’ll see the “Send Preview” button.  Ensure your email address is filled in there and click the button to send an email preview to yourself before emailing your learners.
  • When satisfied with how your email looks, click the “Save” button to save that email message as one of your auto email templates.  


Note: If you have Course Tracks set up, emails will automatically be sent at 5:00 AM Pacific Standard Time.


Last updated 8/27/2014