How can I confirm an email was sent to a learner?


The LMS Dashboard tracks all learner group emails and system wide automatic emails sent to learners registered in the system.

To review the email history:

  • The Email History: By Email tab lists all of the training emails sent from the LMS Dashboard. Additional Information will be listed such as: Email Tool, Email Type, Sent By, Date and Details. Click on the Details link at the far right to review additional details of the particular email, including Recipient Name, Recipient Email, Email Type, Email Tool, Assignments When Email Sent, and Send Date.
  • The Email History: By Learner tab allows for filtering the email history report to an individual learner. Enter the last name of the learner in the Find Learner: Enter Last Name box and select the full name from the drop down that appears. Click the orange GO button. The email history for the individual learner will be listed below.