Schedule Reminder Emails tool


With the Schedule Reminder Emails tool, you can set up automated reminders to go out weeks or months in advance. These reminders will go out to any learner who is enrolled in any current, incomplete eLearning course, any current in-person workshop or any current webinar.

To set up automated reminders, click on the Schedule Reminder Emails link in the Notify column of the dashboard


  • Turn the automatic reminder emails on by clicking the Turn Automatic Reminder Emails ON button.


Once you have turned on the reminders, the calendar will appear, allowing you to schedule or view your reminder dates. The emails will be sent at 5 AM Pacific standard time on any day you select

  • Click on a date to schedule a reminder for that day. Days that are selected to have a reminder sent will be dark grey. In the example below, Monday the 14th is selected.
  • To set up reminders in a different month, click the >> or << buttons


Now that you have selected the dates for your reminders, you can prepare the message you wish to send.

  • Click on the orange Next button beneath the calendar to open the email editor.


  • In the editor, you can select an existing template, or create and save a new template. Note that these reminders go out to all learners who have any incomplete courses, or upcoming in person workshops or webinars, so word your reminders accordingly.



  • When you are done editing or composing your message, click the Save button
  • When you are done preparing your message, click the Next button at the top of the email editor page.



  • The next page will show you a list of all scheduled reminder days, and a preview of the email message that will be sent.
  • Click Back to return to the email editor page, or Exit to return to the dashboard homepage.