How do I notify a learner that doesn't receive email?


Learners without a work email address can be notified of training through Printable Login Sheets. A Login Sheet is a printable page with a learners's login and password, a list of their assigned training and instructions on how to access their training. NOTE: For learners with email, you can send email notifications which contain this information.

To obtain a login sheet for a single learner:

  • Enter all or part of the learner's last name in the Find Learner search box.


  • Select the correct learner and click the orange button Get Login Sheet to the right of the search box.
  • The learner's Login Sheet will be displayed and can be printed or downloaded.

To obtain login sheets for multiple learners:

  • Click one of the orange buttons to filter the learners. 


  • The learners’ Login Sheets will be displayed in Microsoft Word and can be printed or downloaded.