Reports- By Learner tool


You can view, manage and edit your learners’ profiles in the By Learner section of the dashboard.



Filtering by Learner Group

If you have set up Learner Groups, you can easily pull a report of all the courses assigned to the members of that Learner Group.

  1. Click on the Learner Group filter to open it:
  2. Click on a learner group to select it. Click on the selected learner group if you wish to remove it as a filter

The report will now be limited to the learners in that group. You may select one Learner Group at a time.

Changing the displayed columns

By default, the Last Name, First Name, Email and Active columns are shown. You can select which columns are visible in the report by clicking on the Visible Columns menu and checking the boxes next to the columns you want to display.

Clicking All will display all of the columns. Clicking Default will set it back to the default selection.


Changing the sort order

You can change the sort order of the report by clicking on a column title. You can change the sort order to ascending or descending.


Accessing a learner’s profile

You can access a learner's profile, training assignments and more by simply clicking on their last name, and selecting a choice from the menu.


  • Send Email/Get Login sheet: Click this to send an email to the learner, or print their login sheet if they do not have an email address.
  • Profile: Click this to edit a learner’s information, such as location, password, email, etc.
  • eLearning/Workshops/Webinars/Files: Each of these pages show you the various trainings assigned to the learner.
  • Transcript: Click this to view a downloadable transcript of completed courses.


Deactivating/deleting learners

You can deactivate learners who have started a course and delete learners who have not started or been assigned a course.

Important: Note that an inactive learner can be re-activated, but a deleted learner is permanently deleted and their information cannot be recovered.

  1. In the Active column, check the box next to the name of any learner you wish to delete or deactivate. You can click the Check All box to select all of the profiles shown on that page.
  2. Selecting a learner will open a box showing the number of learners to be deactivated or deleted. You can remove a selection by clicking on Clear.
  3. Click the Go button to deactivate or delete the selected learners, or Cancel to cancel the action and clear the check boxes.
  4. Accept the warnings by clicking Continue.

Filtering by the date the learner was added

You can view and filter by the date a learner was added to the LMS.

  1. Open the Visible Columns menu and check the box for Date Added.
  2. Above the Date Added column, there are input boxes for Added On, Added After, and Added Before dates. Enter dates for both Added After and Added Before to limit the report to a date range. Clicking in an input box will open a calendar to let you select a date, or you can type the date in manually.


Adding a new learner

You can add a new learner to the dashboard by clicking on the Add New Learner button and entering the learner's information.


Downloading your report

You can export your report to an Excel Spreadsheet by clicking on the Download button and selecting the results you wish to export.