Reports- By Course tool


To better follow your learners’ progress, you can create reports of their assignments using the Reports by Course tool.

This article will show you how to use the following features of the reporting tool:

Selecting courses for your report

Changing which columns are displayed on the report

Filtering your report by learner group

Filtering your report by assignment statuses

Filtering your report by assignment dates

Filtering your report by learner data values

Downloading your report as a spreadsheet or a PDF transcript

Archiving/unarchiving courses

Changing the timezone


To open the course reports, click on the By Course link in the Reports section of the dashboard.

Selecting Courses for your Report:

The first step to generating a report is to select the courses to report on. Select the courses in the Course Filters page:

  1. Locate the course or courses in the list, or start typing the course title into the search bar. You can limit this list to a specific training type by selecting an option from the Training Type menu above the search bar.
  2. Click on a course title to select it. Selected courses will be shown above the course list in a grey bubble. Clicking on a selected course will remove it from the selection.
  3. Click the Apply Filters button to update the report. (Tip: to generate a report of all courses, click the Apply Filters button with no courses selected)


Changing the Displayed Columns:

By default, the Last Name, First Name, Title, Type, Status, Score, Date Assigned, Start Date and Finish Date columns are shown. You can select which columns are visible in the report by clicking on the Visible Columns menu and checking the boxes next to the columns you want to display. You can show every column by clicking All, or return to the default settings by clicking Default.


Changing the Sort Order

You can change the sort order of the report by clicking on a column heading. You can change the sort order to ascending or descending.


Filtering by Learner Group

If you have set up Learner Groups, you can easily pull a report of all the courses assigned to the members of that Learner Group.

  1. Click on the Learner Group filter to open it
  2. Click on a learner group to select it. The report will now be limited to the learners in that group.


You may select only one Learner Group at a time. Click on the selected learner group to remove it as a filter.


Filtering by Course or Assignment Status:

The course filters allow you to restrict the report to specific courses, and further refine your report by completion status, course status and training type. Click on the Course Filters to open the options below.

  • Course Status: To create a report limited to current or archived courses, click on the top dropdown menu and select the appropriate option from the menu. Click Apply Filters to update the report.
  • Completion Status: To create a report based on completion status, click on the middle dropdown menu and select the appropriate option from the menu. Click Apply to update the report.
  • Training Type: To create a report based on the training type, click on the bottom menu and choose eLearning, Workshop, Webinar, or Files. Click Apply Filters to update the report. This will also limit the training titles in the course list to that training type.
  • Filtering by assigned or not assigned: By default the report only shows learners who have been assigned training, but you can change it to show learners who have not been assigned a course by changing the View option to Learners who do not have any training objects. Click Apply Filters to update the report. If you select a course and then select this option, the reports will show all learners who have not been assigned that course.
  • Assignment Type: The Assignment Type option allows you to filter the report to courses that were assigned by an administrator, courses that were made available to a learner and were subsequently self-enrolled, and/or courses that were made available to a learner and were not self-enrolled. Check the options and click Apply Filters to update the report.



Filtering by Assignment/Start/Finish Dates:

You can create a report of learners based on the dates they started, finished or were assigned. The Date filters are located in the column headings, underneath the Download button. Date filters can be used in conjunction with other filters to make a more detailed report.

  • Click Show Filters to open the filters you wish to use.
  • To create a report of courses assigned/started/finished on a specific date, enter a date into the Is field.
  • To create a report of courses that were assigned, started or finished before or after a specific date, enter a date into the Is After/Is Before fields.
  • To create a report of courses assigned, started, or finished within a date range, enter the beginning date of the range into the Is After, and the end date of the range into the Is Before field.


Filtering by Value

You can query the columns within the reports to show records that match certain values.

  • The Last Name, First Name, Email Address, Location and any custom field columns can be searched by typing values into the search fields above the column. The search will dynamically filter itself based on your input. In the example below, the administrator searched for two users with the last names Anderson and Cabarillo.


  • You can search for multiple values simultaneously by typing commas between values, as shown above.
  • Certain columns can be filtered by selecting values from a dropdown menu. These columns are Admin, Supervisor, and Active. Selecting a value from these menus will limit the report to entries that contain that value. For example, selecting Inactive learners would exclude any Active learners from the report.


Downloading your Report as a Spreadsheet

Once you have your report set up the way you want it, you can export it to a .xls spreadsheet by clicking the Download button and selecting the results you wish to export.


 Downloading your Report as a PDF

You can export a PDF compliance report.

  1. Select the course or courses you wish to report on in the Course Filters section and click Apply. Apply any other filters you wish.
  2. Once you are satisified with the report, click the Download button and select the results you wish to export under To PDF.

  3. A preview page will open. To download the PDF, click the Create PDF button.


Archiving and Unarchiving Courses

If you need to archive currently assigned courses, or unarchive previously archived courses, you can do so from the Reports by Course.

  1. Generate a report.
  2. Click on the Visible Columns menu at the top of your report and select the Set Class Status option.

  3. In the Set Class Status column which has been added to your report, check the boxes for any assignments you wish to archive, or check All to select all assignments in your current view. Change the Results Per Page if you wish to archive more courses at once.archive2.png

  4. Click the Go button in the dialog box at the top of the column. If you wish to edit your selection, click Cancel.

  5. Click Continue and confirm that you wish to archive or unarchive your selection of courses. If you wish to edit your selection, click Cancel

  6. Now the archived courses will no longer appear on the report unless specifically included in your report filters. archive5.png

Archived courses will not appear in the Current section of the Learner Portal, but the course will appear in the History section of the learner portal if it was completed prior to archiving it.

Note: Archived courses do not appear on your reports unless you set the course filters to include Archived courses. To view archived courses or unarchive courses, set the Current filter at the top of the Course Filters tab to Archived/Past or Current & Archived/Past and then generate your report.


Time Zones

You can set the time zone that date/time fields are displayed in on your report. Time zones for Workshops and Webinars can be set when the event is scheduled, this time zone is shown in bold in the event title. However the date fields will be displayed in the time zone you select for the report.

To select your time zone:

  1. First, generate a report. The currently selected time zone will be displayed in the All times (except Event titles)... box (If a time zone has not been detected, it will default to America/Los Angeles (UTC-8:00))
  2. Start entering the desired time zone, and choose your time zone from the dropdown list.
  3. Click the Save and Refresh button. The report will refresh and display your selected time zone.

Your selection is saved for future reports.