Can I delete or deactivate multiple learners at one time?


You can deactivate learners who have started a course and delete learners who have not started or been assigned a course.

Important: Note that an inactive learner can be re-activated, but a deleted learner is permanently deleted and their information cannot be recovered.

  1. Click on the By Learner link in the Reports section of the dashboard.
  2. In the Active column, check the box next to the name of any learner you wish to delete or deactivate. You can click the Check All box to select all of the profiles shown on that page.
  3. Selecting a learner will open a box showing the number of learners to be deactivated or deleted. Click the Go button to deactivate or delete the selected learners, or Cancel to cancel the action and clear the check boxes.
  4. Accept the warnings by clicking Continue