Course Library Licenses


Before you can assign courses to your learners, you must add the appropriate library license to the learner's profile. Once a learner has had a library license added to their profile, you can assign them any course contained in the library. To add the licenses, please follow the steps below:


  • Click the grey Add Learners button for the library that you are assigning learners.

  • On the Add Learners page, check the checkbox to the left of the learners name for each learner you will be assigning courses to. You can use the Check All option to select all the learners visible on the page.

  • Once you are satisfied with your selections, click the Add Learners button to add the library license to the selected learners.

Once the Add Learners button is clicked, the selected learners will be removed from the list of learners and your available license count will be updated as shown below

  • Click the blue Done button once you have completed assigning Library Licenses to your learners.


NOTE: If you select more learners than you have licenses, you will receive a warning “There are only X seats available on this license, but Y learners are checked. Please update your selection and submit again, OR, to add the first X checked learners, click OK.”