How do I un-assign library licenses?


If you have not assigned a learner a course using a library license, you can un-assign the license from the learner and assign it to a different learner. To remove library licenses, follow the steps below:

  • Click the blue View/Remove Learners button for the library that you are un-assigning from learners.

Screen Shot 2012-03-22 at 4.09.09 PM.png

  • The report of learners with a valid Library License appears.

NOTE: Those with a checkbox are learners who do not yet have any courses assigned to them. These are the only learners who can be removed.


  • Check the checkbox to the left of the learners name if you choose to un-assign their Library License.

NOTE: Click the “Check All” checkbox at the top of the checkbox column should you choose to select all learners or select all and then deselect those you wish to to have their Library License removed.

  1. Hit the gray Submit button to save your selections.

NOTE: You will have to confirm your selections of licenses to be removed from learners. “Are you sure you want to remove this Course Library for this learner? This can NOT be undone.”

NOTE: The Submit button will change to Success upon completion, before changing back to Submit. At that time the learner(s) selected to have the Library License removed will disappear from the “Remove Learners from Library License” page.

  1. Click the blue Done button once you have completed removing Library License from your learners.