How do I add Resource Links to the Learner Portal?


The Learner Portal has been designed to be completely configurable by the Training Administrator.

To add Resource Links to the Learner Portal:

  • Click the “Configure Learner Portal” link from the “My Account” column of the LMS Dashboard Homepage.
  • Select the Resource Links modules to bring up the configuration options.


  • Be sure the option is marked "Show" this module on the Learner Portal to assure that your learners can view the list of links you create. You can configure the Label or order from here as well. Click the black {Update} button to save information.
  • Add a link by completing both the Link Label and the Link URL in the "Add a Resource Link" section. Click the black {Add Link} button once you are satisfied with the link information. You can repeat to add additional links.
  • "Edit" or "Delete" links from the "Current Resource Link" section to remove or update already created links.