How do I change the Company Name on file with Emtrain?


We are aware that Company Names are changed, updated or edited and that change must be reflected in the legal training records you have on file with Emtrain. In order to have correct documentation on hand if Emtrain is ever called to testify in court regarding your training records, Emtrain needs documentation that shows why training records are under a different company name than the one the company had at the time of the training.

To request a Company Name Change:

  • Prepare a letter on Company letterhead from a Principal (HR Director or VP) of the Company which includes: 
    • A request that the employee training records which are saved under OLD COMPANY NAME be changed over to NEW COMPANY NAME. 
    • The reason for the company name change: (merger, buyout, etc.). 
    • The date this change should take place. 
  • Submit a scanned copy of the prepared letter to Emtrain by fax or by email. 
  • Upon receipt Emtrain will modify all records in our database to reflect the Company Name change.