How do I transfer seat licenses between hierarchical dashboards?


As an administrator of a hierarchical dashboard, you have the ability to transfer seat licenses between the various dashboards. This enables you to make one purchase and distribute the seats as you deem necessarily.

To Transfer Seat Licenses Between Divisions:

  • Sign in as the Training Administrator.
  • Choose the "View Hierarchy" link under the “My Account” column of the LMS Dashboard homepage.


  • Select the "Transfer Licenses" link on the line of the company you are transferring from.


  • Select the target account (the account you are transferring seat licenses to) from the drop down.


  • Select the Number of Seats to Transfer on the license of your choice. Click the corresponding white "Transfer Now" button.


  • The next screen will confirm how many seat licenses both the source company & target company have after the transfer. To transfer additional seats, click the orange "Start Over" button to return to the main transfer menu.


  • NOTE: You may only transfer unused course seats from one division to another.
  • NOTE: The seat license expiration date is not affected by the transfer. 

Last updated 1/23/2014