Training Certificate Prefs


Many Training Administrators desire to give learners instructions specific to their workplace regarding what to do with the course completion certification. Some employers want a printed copy on file and some prefer to keep everything electronic. Emtrain has designed a way for Training Administrators to not only give specific instructions to learners but also customize the certificate itself. 

To Turn the Certificates On or Off:

  • Click on the desired Yes or No bubble for the Enable Certificates option. 


  • NOTE: Selecting No means that learners will NOT have access to course completion certificates from the History tab on the Learner Training Portal. Selecting No means that Training Administrators will NOT have access to course completion certificates from the Reports by Course link on the LMS Dashboard Homepage
  • NOTE: This will have no effect on certificates that are stored "inside" prior courses, those will continue to be available.

To Customize the Default Certificate & Learner Instructions:

  • Click on the Training Certificate Prefs link under the My Account column on the LMS Dashboard Homepage.
  • Click the Edit Certificate button in the Default Certificate section. NOTE: The Default Certificate will be used for any and all courses that do not have specific Course Certificates created. Use the specific Course Certificates if you want different certificates for different courses (items not included in the placeholder information, such as a course billing code or other course specific information).


  • Enter Learner Instructions to let learners know what to do with the certificate.


  • Edit the text or the placeholders of the certificates. NOTE: Customizations options do not include capability to include a logo or image at this time.


  • Save your edits by clicking the black Save button. Preview the edited certificate by clicking the black Preview button. NOTE: Your edits can be previewed only if you first saved them. 


  • Click the blue Done button at the top right to exit the Edit Certificate Module.