Can I customize the colors on the Learner Portal?


Administrators can change the button colors in the Dashboard and Learner Portal to match the company colors. In select courses, the active color scheme can be applied to the course.

Creating and applying your color scheme to the LMS and Learner Portal buttons

  1. Click the My Logo & Color Schemes link under the My Account heading.

Note: If you have not uploaded your organization's logo you can do so from the My Logo & Color Schemes screen by clicking on the Upload New Logo button.



2. Click the My Color Schemes tab to open the Color Schemes interface. To create a new color scheme, click the Add Color Scheme button.



3.  Click the button for a category and select the color from the color picker, then click the Save button. Repeat for each category that you wish to change:

Primary- The Start Course button will be this color

Secondary- The Finish Course button will be this color

Alert- Buttons for actions that cannot be undone will be this color

If you have a hex color code, you may enter that in the box above the color window.


4.  To preview your Learner Portal with the color selections, click the Preview button in the upper-right.


5.  When satisfied with your color scheme, click the Done button on the upper-right portion of the screen. You will be redirected to the My Logo and Color Schemes page.


 6. Click the Make Active button for your new color scheme to apply it to your Dashboard and Learner Portal.



Applying your custom colors to courses

Select courses have the ability to apply your active color scheme to the course's navigation elements. To apply your colors to the courses. Note that the same Primary, Secondary and Alert colors are applied to both the learner portal buttons and the course frame. Primary, Secondary and Alert colors are applied as shown in the screenshot below:

Primary (black): Table of Contents and Question/Answer header backgrounds

Secondary (gray): Footer color, viewed chapter indicators

Alert (blue): Buttons, text links, and current chapter indicator



To apply your color scheme to the course, check the box labelled "Use these colors in Emtrain courses":