10/12/13 Release Notes


The emtrain Learning Management System will be updated on 10/12/2013. Check out "What’s New" and "Known Issues" for this new release of the Learning Management System below. 


What's New?

  • Learner  Portal: New look
    • New Header
    • Current tab only shows incomplete assignments, completed assignments can be found in the history tab.


  • Manage Files:  Manage Files has been changed to Files & Links

    • Files: Uploaded files can now be edited and archived
    • Links:  Links uploaded can point to any url


    Known Issues

    • No new known issues.

    As always, you are encouraged to suggest how we can improve the LMS and it's features or file a bug report in the Help Center.


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    Tracey Savorn

    Can you as Nick if he can update the link to the Release Notes on the LMS Dashboard? The last time it was updated on the LMS was 1/10/2013 (see attached.)

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    Michael Wolset

    Some great new enhancements in the release but can you please send out some type of email announcement before the release?  I had no idea this was happening and opened the LMS in front of a new hire this morning.  Would have been nice to know of the change.  Thank you.