4/14/2013 Release Notes

emtrain has transferred to new state of the art servers in order to provide our learners and administrators increased speed and performance, all over the world on the emtrain training dashboard. 

What's New?

  • Servers have been migrated for increased speed and performance
  • Email Delivery service changed (please update allowlist information: http://support.emtrain.com/entries/21169292-What-are-the-allowlist-addresses-)

Known Issues?

  • Announcement emails - emails not successfully delivering to learners (fixed 4.22.2013)
    • course assignment emails when using assign training tool
    • email single learner
    • course announcement for single course assigned to single learner
  • Automated Reminder emails - various issues
    • incorrect email text sent to learners (fixed 4.30.2013)
    • completion reporting not up to date (fixed 5.3.2013)
    • duplicate reminders on same day (fixed 4.30.2013)
    • emails not going out as scheduled (fixed 5.3.2013)
  • Email Learner Groups - upload attachment fails (fixed 4.25.2013)
  • Forgot password emails - email not being sent upon request (fixed 4.22.2013)
  • Learner Upload Tool - tool not working (fixed 4.17.13)
    • Download spreadsheet button hangs
    • Browse for file hangs
  • Upload File Tool - Files fail to upload (fixed 4.17.2013)
  • Customer SCORM Course Access - no access to customer uploaded SCORM courses (fixed 4.15.2013)
  • SCORM Courses Upload Tool - SCORM packages fail to upload (fixed 4.18.2013)
  • Single sign on - Learner Training Portal appears blank (i.e. no current/historical information) (fixed 4.17.2013)
  • Single sign on - producing error message (reported fixed 4.18.2013)
  • Auto sync feed - sync feed fails (reported fixed 5.03.2013 -- please contact us if you have issues as your code may need to be adjusted)
  • Email history - records incomplete (fixed 5.3.2013)
  • Course tracks - incorrect names on courses within course tracks (fixed 4.17.2013)
  • Start & Completion time data - recording time 5 hours ahead (fixed 4.19.2013)
  • Custom Reports - download report to excel hangs (fixed 4.18.2013)
Please know that our engineering team is dedicated to resolving these issues as quickly as possible.