EEO and Preventing Unlawful Discrimination courses released!


The courses for EEO and Preventing Unlawful Discrimination for Managers and for Non-Managers were released on 8/22/2013 without any downtime with version EEOM and EEOE, respectively. Check out "What’s New" and "Known Issues" for these versions of the EEO courses below. As always, you are encouraged to tell us what you think or file a bug report in the Help Center.

Course Description

Equal employment opportunity is the basis for all employment laws governing the workplace. By learning about equal employment opportunity, managers and employees will understand the root of workplace discrimination laws and how their actions can be perceived as discriminatory and disrespectful to others.  Learn the latest developments regarding discrimination theories as well as tips and tools to avoid conduct that could lead to EEO violations. Our EEO course covers: English-only rules, dress & appearance standards, hiring guidelines as well as other key topics.

What's New?

  • Course template updated
  • Slight content changes to fit the new template
  • Graphics updated
  • Printable Course Guide updated
  • Certificate no longer available within the course, only in LMS

Known Issues

  • Default policy shows Custom PH policy if Custom PH policy has been uploaded to the LMS
  • No other known issues


*Please note that SCORM Files will not be automatically updated. An upgraded SCORM File is available for an additional fee. Please contact your Account Executive for further details.