Code of Conduct 2.2 Release notes


In collaboration with ethicists Sally March and Chris McDonald, Emtrain has updated our Code of Conduct course. Code of Conduct (version 2.2) will be released on 5/15/2014. This course emphasizes the importance of applying critical thinking and an ethical decision-making framework to workplace situations. Customizable content allows you to tailor the Our Values and Reporting section to reflect your organization's ethical code.


What's New?

  • Respect chapter added. This chapter illustrates how inclusiveness, thoughtfulness, and showing respect has positive impacts on productivity and attitude for all of the communities associated with the business and its employees.
  • Updated Video content
  • Learner exercise content updated

Known Issues

  • No known issues


As always, you are encouraged to tell us what you think or file a bug report in the Help Center. We would like to thank those of you who have sent in feedback and suggestions about the prior versions to help make this latest version a success.


*Please note that SCORM Files will not be automatically updated. An upgraded SCORM File is available for an additional fee. Please contact your Account Executive for further details.