What are my options when Emtrain revises a course?


Emtrain courses are periodically revised to ensure that the content is up to date with the latest developments and meets our high standards for quality. Content updates included in a course revision can range from minor wording adjustments to additional chapters. Revisions do not alter any customer supplied content inserted into a course. To view specific changes included in a course revision, please check the Release Notes.

In order to give you the most flexibility and choice in deciding what content is delivered to your learners, Emtrain will make a demo version of revised courses available for administrators to preview prior to release. If the revised course is to your liking, no action is required on your part. The course will be updated automatically and your learners will be able to view the revised course without the need for new assignments.

However, should you prefer the existing revision of the course, Emtrain's production team can create a customized version of the course that contains the old content.You may choose to omit all of the revised content, or choose specific pages to have the new or old content.  The production department will work with you to determine the scope and cost of the customization project.

For more information on course updates, or for help getting a customization quote, please contact our customer service department at support@emtrain.com.


Important: Please note that any customer-supplied content included in the course will not be translated into additional languages as a part of the revision process. Translation of customer-supplied content can be completed as an additional quotable project.