What are the "Best Practices" for assigning Wage & Hour?


We are certain that as a Training Administrator, your ultimate goal is to achieve 100% completion rate when training your employee population with compliance training. Here are the "Best Practices" to help you achieve just that:

Best Practices

PREVIEW the new Wage & Hour course material and user interface. If you need your Legal Department to review the material, please contact us for a copy of the transcript.

ARCHIVE any previous versions of Wage & Hour course.

SUBMIT an updated wage & hour workplace policy for inclusion in the course.

UPDATE your workplace logo if needed, as it is included in the course.

ENSURE emails get to your learners by taking the precaution of requesting your IT department to add the domains & IP addresses to the enabled/allowlist.

CUSTOMIZE emails that will be used in the assignment, reminder and completed notifications. 

  • Change the "reply to" address to an email that you or someone in your company can monitor in both the the Automatic Email System (status emails) as well as Email Preferences (email learner groups). The default is set to training@emtrain.com, which will not reach you in the event that your learner has a question or problem. (NOTE: If your workplace has high-security firewall in place, you may need to leave the "from" address as is and change only the "reply to.")
  • Explain why they have been assigned the training.
  • Include any additional instructions regarding the training (for example, specific browser suggestions or confirmation to log in outside the VPN).
  • Be sure to include a date by which you require them to complete the training.

CUSTOMIZE certificates with specific learner instructions, customized certificate text or turn them off altogether

UPDATE learner data so that you are sure to assign the correct courses to the correct people. (Batch updating available only for Professional and Enterprise Dashboards.) Some things that may assist you with this:

  • Add Custom Data Fields and Custom Date Fields to include information such as: job title, department, employee ID, or hire date
  • Create Learner Groups to easily manage training for subsections of your population
  • Download your customized spreadsheet and add learner data for upload

PURCHASE additional library licenses or course seats, if needed. (If you are purchasing more than 20 seats or libraries, please contact sales@emtrain.com for discount pricing.)

UPLOAD the learner population for your workplace. 

ASSIGN the Wage and Hour Laws and Independent Contractors course to your learner population. 

SEND notification emails to learners with new course assignments. This can be done through the Automatic Email System or by emailing learner groups

REMIND learners who have incomplete courses of the completion deadline. Reminder emails can be set up as soon as course assignments are made.

REVIEW reports on incomplete learners and continue to follow-up by phone or in meetings until compliance courses have been completed. 

FEEDBACK is welcome about the Wage & Hour course, both from the Training Administrators as well as learners. We encourage you to let us know what you thought!

We hope that your team enjoys the training and that you achieve 100% completion rate for compliance training this year!