How do I turn the sound off in the course?


We understand that listening to the course through your computer speakers or headphones may pose a problem and have provided a way for you to turn off the sound in the course. 

Audio comes from two places in the latest course, Narration and Videos. To turn ALL of the sound off, you must turn both the Narration and Videos off. Of course, you can choose to only turn off the narration or only turn off the videos. If the sound is turned off, you will be able to read the course material on your screen.


To Control Sound:

  • Click the Sound button on the bottom navigation bar of the course to turn the Narration on and off. 
  • Click the Video button on the bottom navigation bar of the course to turn the Videos on and off. 
  • NOTE: To turn off ALL course sound, be sure BOTH the Sound and Video buttons are set to "Off."