How do I navigate the course?


Inside your Emtrain course, you will find the following options for course navigation, resources, settings, and support. 

Table of Contents

The chapters of the course are listed in the sidebar on the left hand side of the screen. Chapters that you have not started yet will be grey. As you proceed through the course, the completed and in progress chapters will turn black. You may return to completed chapters by clicking on their title in the table of contents. The title of the chapter you are currently viewing will be surrounded by a grey box. A blue and grey progress bar dispalys how far along you are in the chapter.



Top Navigation Bar

At the top of the course, you will find the Course Title, Chapter Title, Resources button, Ask Trainer button, Need Help link and Close button.

  • The Need Help link will direct you to the Emtrain Help Center. In the Help Center, you can search for articles on a variety of help topics, or submit a support ticket or chat request.
  • The close button will stop the course and return you to your Learner Portal. You may close the course at any time. Your progress will be bookmarked, allowing you to resume on the same page you were on when you left the course.
  • The Resources button contains your workplace policy, a printable guide and other course-specific materials.
  • The Ask Trainer button allows you to send a question about the course content to a team of subject matter experts.



Bottom Navigation bar

Along the bottom of the course, you will see the Sound and Video settings, Launguage menu, and the Back and Next navigation. If you are taking a timed course, the timer be in the bottom left corner, next to Sound.

  • Clicking the Next button will advance you to the next page in the course. If you are on a page with an exercise or quiz, the Next button will be grey and not accessible until the exercise is completed.
  • Clicking the Back button will take you to the previous.
  • To change the language, click on the current language to open the language menu. Select your language from the menu.
  • To turn the narration off, click on the Sound setting.
  • To turn the videos off, click on the Video setting. Turning the videos off will allow you to take the course in a text based format.