How do I pause or stop the course?


These courses have been designed to track your progress on each page which also means that your "bookmark" moves ahead page by page as you continue on through the course.

Pausing the Course

You can step away from the course for a short break without any problem. If the course is timed, please note that you will not receive more that 3 minutes of credit for any page as the system will consider you "inactive." However, you can proceed upon your return without any problems and the timer will resume. If the course is paused more than 15 minutes, you may need to log in again to be sure you receive course participation credit.

Saving & Exiting the Course

You may close out of the course at any time by using the Close X button without any problems. Please note that your progress is saved on each individual page, so if you close the entire browser, your progress will have been saved. The system will “bookmark” your progress and you will be able to resume at the same place where you closed out. NOTE: Although your progress is saved, your quiz and exercise activity is not. You will be required to answer questions again, if you arrive at a quiz or exercise page.