How do I print my course completion certificate?


The newer courses have a slightly different method to obtain the course completion certificate. You will not find a link at the end of the course as with previous courses. Now all of your completion certificates can be accessed and printed from one place. NOTE: Not all eLearning courses were designed to provide certification.

How to Access Course Completion Certificate:

  • Login to your Learner Portal.
  • Click the "History" tab. NOTE: History is the default name for this tab. If your Training Administrator has changed the name and change the tab order, we are unable to give you specific directions on how to obtain this. Please contact your Training Administrator for assistance.


  • Click the "Certificate" button to the right of the course you need certification for. This will open up the certificate in another browser window. 
  • Please follow the certificate instructions your employer has provided for you at the top of the certificate. Click the "Print" link to print certificate.