Invalid license key error technical information


Additional Technical Information regarding Invalid License Key error:

On 9/10/2013 Adobe released version 11.8.800.168 of the Adobe Flash Player. This version contained several modifications specific to IE on Windows 8 which caused unforeseen downstream issues in IE on older versions of Windows.

Specifically, this minor point release contains a bug related to JavaScript->Flash AS3 ExternalInterface functionality when running in IE8. The JavaScript->Flash AS3 ExternalInterface functionality is utilized extensively by the video player Emtrain uses in our courseware. The net result of this bug is that the Emtrain video player is unable to retrieve the Javascript license key variable, resulting in an "Invalid License Key" error.

On 9/13/2013 Adobe released version 11.8.800.174 of the Adobe Flash Player which resolves this issue on IE8. On 9/24/2013 Adobe released version 11.8.800.175 of the Adobe Flash Player which resolves further issues related to JavaScript->Flash AS3 ExternalInterface bugs introduced in the .168 flash player point release.

From the Adobe Flash Player Fixed Issues Release Notes:

September 24th, 2013 - 11.8.800.175
3630443 - [External][Windows][IE] method with non-ASCII text as a parameter corrupts the characters on the Javascript side

3631555 - [Windows][IE] does not work normally since flash player 11.8.800.168

3631605 - [Windows][IE][Video] Video playback failure in Nico Video

September 13th, 2013 -11.8.800.174

3618042 - [WinXP][IE7][IE8] Video may not play properly on some websites after the page is refreshed

3630542 - [External][Windows][IE] JavaScript->Flash AS3 ExternalInterface is not available in IE8 after the first page opening